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Twitter: @’s, More hidden gold!

Last time we talked about hashtags.  This time I’ve got more Twitter Gold for you.  I call these the @’s.

The idea of the @’s is that these are people on Twitter who will graciously distribute your information to their lists if you send them the information.

I discovered one such angel quite on accident.  His/her name is @kindle_promo  This person has a list of over 39,000 and will RT your info if you send it to them.

So a tweet with an @ would look something like this:

“Maggie and Keith have deep wounds from painful childhood experiences” DEEP IN THE HEART http://ow.ly/7bpon #KindleFire @kindle_promo


You can also send it directly to them by putting the @ at the beginning of the tweet.

Generally speaking, I try to thank my @’s as much as possible for their help.  For awhile (through my free days), I used these people quite often.  Since my free days, I have kind of backed off–just not wanting to be annoying.  However, they are good as gold so treat them that way.

Here is a list of some of my @’s:











It is helpful to follow them before you start sending them things and make sure your genre fits what they RT.  But this is a great way to broaden your reach on Twitter.

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