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Twitter Posts: How to Write Them

Let’s talk a little about the “language barrier” on Twitter.

The idea of Twitter is that you can follow a TON of information from different sources if it’s all comprised in 140-characters or less.  So you can read the latest about the big fire that’s in the news and something about the temperature in Seattle and then something about book marketing.

Think of it as scanning headlines.  You survey the headlines quickly and you decide if you want to follow any of the links (read more into the story) or not.

You can also have conversations and even group chats via Twitter.

But the basic idea is that you can follow people, and they can tell you what’s going on in 140-characters or less.

So how to entice people to follow YOU?  That’s the #1 issue on Twitter.

Remember Push & Pull marketing?  Let’s start there.

You really don’t want all of your tweets to be ads for your books.  So you need to give people other landing pages that will guide them gently TO your books.  Even as some of your tweets should take readers right to your buy pages.

I’ve heard people who are scared of posting about their books, but from what I’ve learned if you do it right, those who WANT to know about your books will outnumber those who think you should never post about your books.  So it’s a balancing act (that I’ll give you more help navigating in the next post).

For now, how to write a Twitter post (or how to understand one).

Your posts should have:





The hook gets people’s attention.  Which would you read further:   Afraid of change? Don’t be! Here’s how to embrace it!    OR…  Here is an article on how to cope with change…

Good hooks will get you noticed.

Info:  You need to give the reader SOMETHING as to what your content will contain.  For me, most of the time this is the name of the article or the book I’m tweeting about.

Link:  If you don’t give them a way to follow you to your content, they won’t.  Give them a link!

Hashtags:  This is a Twitter secret we will talk about next time.  For now, these are those goofy looking things with the # sign in front.  Like #ammarketing #reading #greatbooks  For now, know you need to learn how to use these.  Next time we’ll talk about how.

Here are some of my tweets for you to dissect.  Write some of your own and get started:


A lot can change in 10 years… REUNION http://ow.ly/7bNhT #cleanreadsbookclub #NookBook #Christian #GoodReads

Make the most out of where you are! MAXIMIZE YOUR STATE http://ow.ly/bjrVO #reader #blogpost #myWANA #RT

When you read “Christian fiction at its best!” it’s a #NuggetofJoy http://ow.ly/7afqI COWBOY “Wow!” #Christian #LovedIt #Amazon #Kindle

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