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Facebook: Marketing Help

As I go about trying to learn social media, I subscribe to programs and information.  One of those for Facebook is called “10,000 Fans.”  Their website is here:


I have worked through some of their information and it appears very good, though it does seem to take a long time to watch the videos and what they show you to do doesn’t always work just the way they showed.

However, some of their advice has been very helpful and has advanced my knowledge and understanding of Facebook.

Not one on this topic to give definitive answers:  However, it is quite expensive.

So if you need the guidance and have the money, this is a program you might check out.

If you just want to explore FB on your own or you don’t have the money to throw at the project, this one might not be particularly helpful.

It is just one thing that helped me, and I wanted to let you know it is available.

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