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Jump Tags for Blog Posts

By now you should have several landing pages ready to go for your jumps.  Remember the Promo Chain:







As you will recall, the goal is to take a potential customer through the Promo Chain and then get them to JUMP to a landing page that will continue the relationship.  With a blog post, you have probably already used the promo chain to get the person TO the blog.  Now it’s time to take the next step and get them to jump to a new landing page–info about your books!

So how do you write that Jump Tag that will say, “Hey!  Come take a look and see if you want to buy something from me!”

Well, first it depends on the landing page to which you are sending them.  That could be your website where they might be able to see many things about you and your writing, or it could be to a specific page such as your book buying page.

My best advice is to give a small variety of options.  Many of my post-blog jump tags look like this:

“Romance, faith, forgiveness, and reconciliation,
DEEP IN THE HEART has them all.”

Buy “Deep in the Heart” on Amazon Kindle here.

Buy “Deep in the Heart on B&N Nook here.

Read the first chapter for FREE!

Notice how on this jump tag, the picture itself is also a clickable jump.

You can also do word-only jump tags like this:

Looking for even more inspiration?  Check out Staci’s new short story collection full of wisdom and insights:  Reflections on Life II


Love Christian Romance?  This site has it all!  First chapters, excerpts, and reviews:  EbookRomanceStories.com  Fall in love all over again!

The idea is to entice the reader to continue the relationship.  Remember, these are especially important when you do guest blogs and interviews.  ALWAYS give readers the info they will need to find you again!

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